When Your Significant Other Still Drinks…

  I bought a six-pack of beer for my husband from a local store a couple of days ago. It felt a bit strange carrying it across the road to my car – wondering if anyone might see me and wonder what the hell I was doing. I can just imagine the gossip, “Do you […]

Are Other People’s Drinking Habits My Business?

  I just took the dog for a walk around the neighbourhood and it’s glass recycling day so the pavements were all lined with green plastic bins. I was very nosy and examined them all, wondering about the householders who owned them. Bottle count on recycling day… There were a lot of these green bins […]

What are My Kids Thinking (About my Sobriety)?

  I have so many “how on earth could I be doing this if I was still boozing” moments nowadays, but none more so than when I’m driving my kids around in the evening to their activities. My Three Sons… This happens a lot given I’ve entered that phase of parenting when I seem to […]

What Things Do you Enjoy Instead of Drinking?

  Someone asked me this question the other day. It’s a good one given alcohol used to fill a lot of my days. Like, a lot.   Let’s think it through. I would start drinking at 5pm on the dot and usually fell into bed at around 10pm … so that makes at least 5 […]

How to Be a (Sober) Legend in Your Own Lifetime…

  You know the saying ‘The only constant is change’? I know it’s a terrible cliche, but boy is it true.   I’ve been noticing this recently with regards to my emotional and physical health. I get in a good rhythm with things and I’m firing on all cylinders being happy and healthy and I […]

Who am I Now That I Don’t Drink?

  One of the very hardest things for me in getting sober was the massive shift I had to do in reshaping my identity. Aside from beating cravings and just getting through the days without drinking, I had to somehow reconcile myself to being a sober person, and in the process say goodbye to the […]

What is the Definition of (Sober) Happiness?

Happiness Is: Acknowledging that I cannot control alcohol…   Happiness is believing, despite my pain, that I have the strength inside of me to turn things around.   Happiness is staring down cravings, resisting the pull to drink often enough that the cravings eventually start to fade and die.   Happiness is no 3am wake […]

When the Booze Soaked World is In Your Face…

  Sometimes it’s just in my face a whole lot more. You know… the fact that I live in a booze soaked world. Some days it’s just more evident than at other times.   Most days I get to potter about my community, interact with my friends, spend time online, look after my kids, and […]

Brave, Big, Bold and Bawdy…

  I know for a lot of people their sober journey can begin in a bit of a stop-start fashion. They have periods of not drinking, then periods of drinking, then back to not drinking. .. until eventually recovery sticks.   For me I never did that. I made the firm decision that I was […]

My Sober Strategy to Deal With Boozy Events…

  My main strategy to deal with boozy events is the same now as it was when I first quit drinking. That is: to focus on all the factors inherent in the situation that aren’t about the liquid in my glass. Easier said than done… Easier said than done early on.   In the first […]