When Your Significant Other Still Drinks…

  I bought a six-pack of beer for my husband from a local store a couple of days ago. It felt a bit strange carrying it across the road to my car – wondering if anyone might see me and wonder what the hell I was doing. I can just imagine the gossip, “Do you […]

Are Other People’s Drinking Habits My Business?

  I just took the dog for a walk around the neighbourhood and it’s glass recycling day so the pavements were all lined with green plastic bins. I was very nosy and examined them all, wondering about the householders who owned them. Bottle count on recycling day… There were a lot of these green bins […]

How to Be a (Sober) Legend in Your Own Lifetime…

  You know the saying ‘The only constant is change’? I know it’s a terrible cliche, but boy is it true.   I’ve been noticing this recently with regards to my emotional and physical health. I get in a good rhythm with things and I’m firing on all cylinders being happy and healthy and I […]

When Brad Pitt Says Alcohol Ruined His Marriage, it Hits Home…

      n a spate of recent articles, actor Brad Pitt has blamed his alcohol use for the demise of his marriage to Angelina Jolie. It seems there was an incident on a private plane, when Brad was inappropriately rough with one of his children. I can relate to what I imagine took place. A drink […]

Who am I Now That I Don’t Drink?

  One of the very hardest things for me in getting sober was the massive shift I had to do in reshaping my identity. Aside from beating cravings and just getting through the days without drinking, I had to somehow reconcile myself to being a sober person, and in the process say goodbye to the […]

The Brain and Body Healing Effects of a Sober Tropical Vacation

  I got back recently from a five day, sober vacation in Puerto Rico. To put the result into the proper perspective, I missed my connecting flight on the way home and I couldn’t muster enough rancor to be snippy to the customer service representative who rerouted me.   What, Me Worry? My originating flight was an hour […]

When the Booze Soaked World is In Your Face…

  Sometimes it’s just in my face a whole lot more. You know… the fact that I live in a booze soaked world. Some days it’s just more evident than at other times.   Most days I get to potter about my community, interact with my friends, spend time online, look after my kids, and […]

Valentine’s Day Self Love!

  I read this social media post that suggested you should find a person who loves you for exactly all the reasons you love yourself. My initial reaction was, “Wow that is incredibly unrealistic,” then I realized, “Well, no, in fact I’ve already done that. That person is me!”   Realistic Expectations… In recovery we […]

10 Reasons a Michigan Winter is NOT Miserable and SO Good for Your Health!

  I just read an article in Thrillist  ranking all 50 states by how miserable they are in the winter and I am annoyed. Not only did the writers rank Michigan as number 2 on the misery scale, but they said I was going to put on weight. These guys, who’s claim to credibility is […]

My Sober Strategy to Deal With Boozy Events…

  My main strategy to deal with boozy events is the same now as it was when I first quit drinking. That is: to focus on all the factors inherent in the situation that aren’t about the liquid in my glass. Easier said than done… Easier said than done early on.   In the first […]