Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women

Sanford House at Cherry Street is a residential and non-residential treatment facility for women. Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers’ first venture, Cherry Street has blossomed into a powerful resource for adult women overcoming substance use disorders. The facility is located in a elegantly refurbished historic home in a quiet neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We offer women an intimate, homelike, and decidedly non-institutional environment in which to heal.

Cherry Street has room for ten residents. Its small scale allows our treatment team to approach client care on an individual basis. Addiction professionals focus on those concerns foundational to sobriety. Client and therapist work collaboratively to establish a plan for treatment. Residents are treated with respect and as individuals; Sanford House honors each wellness journey as unique.

Each of our women come to us with an exceptional story. A specific perspective.

Sanford House at Cherry Street welcomes each client’s unique preferences, insight, and experience. Our clinicians value tailored care and personalized attention; we aim to pair individuals with the intervention that best fits their needs. Sanford House’s curriculum includes modalities like creative expression, movement and exercise and family therapy.

Our wellness professionals place an emphasis on our clients’ inherent values and strengths. Excursions encourage residents to re-engage with the world around them… offering opportunities to rediscover forgotten passions and develop new ones. Ignite the spirit. And the town and country atmosphere of Sanford House at Cherry Street is a perfect setting to do so. Adjacent to medical institutions, universities, and a bustling downtown, the Grand Rapids landscape encourages newly sober folks to explore the balance between early recovery and real life. When it’s time to return home, Cherry Street’s secure location ensures privacy and anonymity.

The home at Cherry Street has been carefully restored to its original, natural beauty. Founders David and Rae Green often describe this process as a metaphor for the life-changing work which takes place within the walls of their treatment centers.

Behind the large oak doors of Sanford House at Cherry Street, our addiction professionals will walk alongside you as you rebuild a vibrant, fulfilling life in recovery. Residents are extended hope, support, and acceptance.

We welcome you into our home. And look forward to working with you.


Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women
540 Cherry Street SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
(616) 288.6970