Sanford House at John Street for Men

Sanford House at John Street is a residential and non-residential treatment facility for men. The masculine counterpart to Cherry Street, Sanford House at John Street captures the town and country atmosphere now signature to Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers.

Following the success of our facility for women in recovery, we sought to construct a separate space designed specifically for men. A place of healing which fosters camaraderie and trust. An environment of safety, privacy, and comfort. 

Tailored to Meet the Needs of Men in Recovery

The massive stone walls and river rock foundation exemplify the strength, wisdom, and permanence it takes to recover well. The home lends itself to a metaphor of the life-changing work taking place within its walls.

Per our commitment to gender-specific treatment, the John Street curriculum is tailored to meet the needs and preferences of men in recovery. Our care professionals have an understanding of the gendered nuances of addiction. For this reason, we have chosen to design a program that intentionally addresses a man’s mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Adjacent to medical institutions, universities, and a bustling downtown, this is a landscape that encourages residents to explore the balance between early recovery and real life. John Street’s secure location ensures privacy, anonymity, and respect to those who visit here.

Sanford House at John Street has been handcrafted to help men-in-recovery. Our clinicians will walk alongside you to establish a life of fulfillment in sobriety. You will build a fellowship of partners, support and be supported.

We welcome you into our home. And look forward to working with you.


Sanford House at John Street for Men
221 John Street NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
(616) 214.8517