Non-Residential Program

After Work, Afternoon and Non-residential Programs:

The staff at Sanford House understands that people in different stages of the recovery process need different levels of care. Intensive Outpatient Programs called “IOP”, Partial Hospitalization Programs or “PHP” and Outpatient Programs or “OP” are intended for individuals balancing sobriety and everyday life. These programs also assist alumnae in their transition out of residential treatment. The goal of non-residential treatment is to help clients strengthen their ability to handle events and interactions, healthily manage cravings, and offer insight from peers in early recovery.

IOP Offers:

  • Treatment Options for working adults
  • Treatment for those with daytime responsibilities, such as childcare
  • An alternative to residential treatment when appropriate
  • Continued care for clients “stepping down” from residential treatment


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Oftentimes, those who need help do not get the treatment they need because it means putting their life on hold. IOP allows for continuation of everyday activities while integrating effective strategies to manage recovery and day-to-day life. IOP is available to those adults, 18 or older, who live within reasonable driving distance from Sanford House. Or for those in sober housing or a home environment who may have completed a residential program and need additional support.

IOP is not for everyone. Clients are expected to maintain a sober lifestyle while living independently. Regular drug and alcohol screens are performed by Sanford House staff. An IOP Program has many of the same aspects of a Residential Program. IOP clients attend IOP specific group therapy and group wellness activities or excursions. There may also be homework assignments. Participants in IOP are able to implement new recovery knowledge and skills in their home environment while processing the experience in a safe and supportive setting.


Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The Sanford House PHP services take place in our on-site, historic Carriage House for women and the spacious, John Street group rooms for men. This allows for outpatient services in a quiet, private setting. Our PHP services are developed as individualized programs for men and women. They combine evidence-based treatments with cutting edge methodology. We treat the whole self and facilitate healing with dignity and respect. We serve individuals of all faiths as well as agnostics – incorporating a spiritual exploration component to our treatment.

PHP is appropriate for individuals assessed as substance dependent, with or without mental health issues and trauma histories. These clients need more structure and intensive services than our IOP clients, but may not need to be resident at one of our treatment facilities. Sanford House offers a gender specific, trauma informed, co-occurring disorder PHP for adults. Each client participates in a flexible, individualized recovery program typically consisting of two stages of treatment: treatment engagement and early recovery.

The program we provide is: ASAM Level 11.5, Trauma Informed, Gender Specific, Co-Occurring Disorder, Partial Hospitalization. The “initial treatment” engagement stage of the program usually lasts from a few days to a few weeks depending on what stage of change a participant is in at entry into the PHP program. The Stages of Change are defined as: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance.


Outpatient Program (OP)

Sanford House provides a welcoming atmosphere for residential and IOP alumnae. Whether it is for continuation of treatment support services or the convenience of close proximity to work, school or loved ones, individual counseling provides another opportunity for ongoing treatment outside of the residential program. Outpatient services allow former clients to maintain their counseling relationship during their transition out of treatment services. Most outpatient clients see their Sanford House counselor once a week and they see the same counselor in which they established a relationship during treatment.


Counseling is designed to build on each individual’s inner strengths, guide our clients in setting short term goals and long term goals. It also provides a blueprint for maintaining and balancing everyday life and recovery. Individual counseling offers a safe and private space devoted to growth, development and successful long-term sobriety.


We are expected to fill a number of roles. Parent. Employee. Daughter. Son. Friend. But it’s only when we are our healthiest that these roles are successfully fulfilled…

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