How to Be a (Sober) Legend in Your Own Lifetime…

  You know the saying ‘The only constant is change’? I know it’s a terrible cliche, but boy is it true.   I’ve been noticing this recently with regards to my emotional and physical health. I get in a good rhythm with things and I’m firing on all cylinders being happy and healthy and I […]

Defects or Defenses? A Woman’s Way Through the 12 Steps

  At Sanford House at Cherry Street, we are not a 12 step based program, but we do take women to meetings in the community daily and incorporate 12 step wisdom in our programming.  Each woman receives a copy of A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps, by Dr. Stephanie Covington, along with the companion workbook. Both […]

Who is The Highly Sensitive Addict?

  One of the wonderful things about working (and playing) with fellow mental health professionals is that I’m constantly learning. Recently, I was introduced to the Highly Sensitive People theory (or “HSP,” or “sensory processing sensitivity”).   Have you ever heard of Elaine Aron? I think you’re highly sensitive. It might help explain some things […]

Group of sharp cactus spines

Unite to Face Addiction Michigan – Save a Life with Naloxone Training!

Thursday, May 18th a few thousand people will gather on the lawn at the Michigan State Capital Building, for the Unite to Face Addiction 2nd Annual Rally & Advocacy Day.. And Sanford House will be there. With a slogan like, “Be the Voice of Change” and opening remarks from Lt. Governor Brian Calley, it promises […]

When Brad Pitt Says Alcohol Ruined His Marriage, it Hits Home…

      n a spate of recent articles, actor Brad Pitt has blamed his alcohol use for the demise of his marriage to Angelina Jolie. It seems there was an incident on a private plane, when Brad was inappropriately rough with one of his children. I can relate to what I imagine took place. A drink […]

Who am I Now That I Don’t Drink?

  One of the very hardest things for me in getting sober was the massive shift I had to do in reshaping my identity. Aside from beating cravings and just getting through the days without drinking, I had to somehow reconcile myself to being a sober person, and in the process say goodbye to the […]

Calm & Courageous – Learning to Overcome Anxiety

  At Sanford House, we believe in peer support, which is why we take residents to mutual aid support groups like AA and NA in the community every day. I have found that sometimes clients are more compelled to hear peer support advice about a specific aspect of their addiction, such as anxiety.   Overcoming […]

Earth Day Communal Gardening at Sanford House!

  The women of Sanford House at Cherry Street took advantage of the gorgeous, sunny weather on Earth Day. Who could resist that blue sky? They “dug in,” got their hands dirty and helped beautify the grounds, planting petunias and a robust kitchen garden. Just being outside on a beautiful spring day has a healing […]

Unite to Face Addiction Michigan – UFAM 2017 Rally

  On June 2nd last year, a thousand plus recovery advocates gathered on the lawn of the state capital building in Lansing, Michigan.  It was the inaugural rally for, Unite to Face Addiction Michigan (UFAM). UFAM is a non-profit organization, established to alert lawmakers about the unique needs of the 23 million people in recovery in the United States. UFAM’s […]

9 Extraordinary Health Benefits of a Michigan Spring

  It occurred to me this weekend, that spring has finally sprung. It sneaks up on you when you live in Michigan. Suddenly, there is a fresher feel to the air – birds are tweeting, warbling and chirping as you amble to your car in the morning. And miraculously, the barren trees are sprouting a riot […]