Drug and Alcohol Intervention

When it comes to substance use disorders, families often need just as much help and healing as the addicted themselves. We view family as an essential component of a woman’s ongoing recovery program and seek to involve family members in the addiction treatment and recovery process. Sanford House addresses family issues by working directly with the family of each client and with other loved ones who serve as the client’s support system. We work to educate families about addiction, its effect on their loved one, and its effect on the family as a whole. Counselors will help families understand their role in recovery, and the importance of their loved one’s self-care and lifestyle balance.

Our program is designed to give everyone involved in the recovery process the tools and skills needed to cope with the aftermath of addiction and with ongoing life events and effects as a woman and her family move forward in recovery.

We also recognize the need for families to have support after a loved one’s treatment and will work to provide resources for a continuum of family services.

Substance Abuse Intervention

An intervention is a professionally directed education process resulting in a face-to-face meeting with family members and friends and the person struggling with alcohol and/or drugs. The goal of alcohol or drug intervention is to help the person make the connection of their use of alcohol and/or drugs and the problems in their life and for them to accept help. When done with a professional who is experienced as an interventionist, studies show that over 90% of people make a commitment to get help. However, even when a person refuses help at the time of an intervention, many come back and ask for it later.

Sanford House assists families in finding the right interventionist by helping connect loved ones with intervention services. Please contact our Admission Counselor for more information regarding drug or alcohol intervention services in your area.