Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Our comprehensive residential substance abuse treatment program is designed for women 18 and older. Sanford House’s inpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment program provides the safety and stability a woman needs to maintain her sobriety. Sanford House’s team of multidisciplinary master’s level clinicians offer our clients years of experience in the field of addiction. On-site medical staff also provides medication assisted treatment to address a woman’s withdrawal symptoms, cravings and other medical and mental health concerns. Living at Sanford House, women receive 24/7 support and the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the recovery process with few distractions. Healing is ultimately in the hands of the individual, which is why Sanford House uses a personalized, “whole body” treatment technique. During their stay, each resident is exposed to recreational, educational, creative, and social activities so they can find new strengths from within, helping them stay steadfast in their recovery.

Inpatient rehab is provided in an intimate setting in our beautifully appointed residential alcohol and drug rehab center located in a Heritage Hill home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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