Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab For Women

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) is primary treatment offered on a part-time yet intensive schedule and establishes the foundation for long term recovery support.

Women often do not get the help they need because it means putting their life on hold. Intensive outpatient programming for alcohol or drug rehabilitation allows for continuation of everyday activities such as work, parenting, school or volunteer commitments while integrating effective strategies to balance recovery and every-day life. IOP is designed to help women without requiring them to take extended time away from work or family.

Intensive Outpatient Programs provide an option for women who live within reasonable driving distance from Sanford House and/or women who may have completed a residential program and want additional support in early recovery. Sanford House outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment is flexible, generally consists of three group sessions per week.

If you have been ordered by a court to seek treatment and are not sure where to begin, our Admissions Counselor is available to help you get started.

We believe an empowering environment that incorporates several different therapeutic modalities is essential to the success of each individual. Participants in IOP are able to implement new recovery knowledge and skills immediately in a home environment while processing the experience in a safe and supportive group setting.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Sanford House is a CARF accredited, private treatment program whose primary purpose is to reduce the harmful effects of substance use disorders, mental illness, and trauma in the lives of women, and to guide them to lifelong recovery. Sanford House serves a geographical area encompassing Western Michigan and accepts referrals from across the state and the nation. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) services take place in an on-site, historic Carriage House, which allows for groups and outpatient services in a quiet, private setting.

Sanford House strives to develop an individualized program for women using a combination of evidence-based treatments and cutting edge methodology. Sanford House staff treats the whole woman and facilitates her healing with respect and dignity. Sanford House does not claim any religious affiliation and serves individuals of all faiths as well as agnostics. We endeavor to promote a spiritual component in recovery by the individual’s own choosing and encourage each person to explore their own spiritual beliefs.

We welcome women at all stages of readiness and assure physical and psychological safety within the treatment milieu. Sanford House staff utilize the welcoming principles of motivational interviewing and meeting the woman “where she is at the moment”.

Using our clinical expertise in women-centered recovery, we encourage:

  • Hope, in knowing and planning that life can get better
  • Empowerment, to have a sense of capability and move one’s transformation forward
  • Self-Responsibility, to set one’s goals and take charge of one’s own recovery
  • Meaningful Role in Life, to achieve inner strength, a healthy identity, new coping skills and support networks

Program Provided

ASAM Level ll.5, Trauma Informed, Gender Specific, Co-Occurring Disorder, Partial Hospitalization – Day Treatment

PHP is appropriate for individuals assessed as substance dependent with or without mental health issues and trauma histories and in need of more structure and services than our  Intensive Outpatient Program, but not to the degree of an Inpatient Program. Sanford House offers a gender specific, trauma informed, co-occurring disorder PHP for adult females. Each client participates in an individualized recovery program typically consisting of two stages of treatment: treatment engagement and early recovery.

Participants attend 6 hours of treatment per day, spread over five to six days a week. Flexible programming is provided to allow clients to choose which hours work best for them to attend. The initial treatment engagement stage usually lasts from a few days to a few weeks depending upon what stage of change the participant is in at entry into the program. Stages of change are defined as: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance (Prochaska and DiClemente).

During PHP, clients are introduced to and are expected to enter into a full value contract, address acute crisis, engage in a counseling relationship with staff clinician and prepare an individual service plan. During the course of services, clients are assessed to observe for signs of early recovery, complete withdrawal from any substance use , resolve any immediate crises, and establish a treatment plan including regularly scheduled sessions. The sessions consist of individual counseling, group therapy, life skills training, psycho-education, meditation and community support groups designed to assist the individual in establishing a quality recovery program. Sanford House utilizes best practices and motivational techniques to facilitate client progress toward identified goals.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Whether it is for the continuation of treatment support services or the convenience of allowing a woman to remain in close proximity to her work, school, or loved ones, individual counseling provides another opportunity of outpatient substance abuse treatment. Counseling is designed to build on each individual’s inner strengths, guide women in setting short term and long term goals, and maintaining a balance between life and recovery. Individual counseling offers a safe and private space devoted to your growth, development and a thriving long-term sobriety.

Many women utilize individual therapy in aftercare services to help strengthen recovery support. Families and couples also find outpatient drug and alcohol rehab helpful when their loved one leaves treatment. Ultimately, outpatient care seeks to find and maintain a balance between life and recovery.