Founders’ Message

Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers

Sanford House Admissions & Outreach Center


We invite you to take a moment and imagine a place where addiction treatment becomes inspirational. A place where you are intimately connected to a community, where you feel fully present and where the experience is rigorous and worth achieving. This place challenges you to dive deep, question preconceived notions and explore yourself and the world around you, guided by proven clinical techniques.

And for the first time in a long time, you are able to step outside of yourself and test what previously didn’t seem possible. Imagine that such a place will feed your body and soul with a personalized selection of spirituality and healthy nutrition. Where you will plumb old and new interests and put a plan in place to get your body moving again. Imagine this place is built on trust and respect and accountability.

And in this place, we will focus on education for you and your family – so you will all gain a profound understanding of addiction. And while we’re at it, why can’t we make aspects of treatment fun? We will. We will inspire you to recapture your old self and build a life that is even better than the one you had before.

Our family has created an outstanding addiction treatment program. We are founded in the Midwest and based on Midwestern values. Our facilities themselves are a source of inspiration. Sanford House at John Street (for men) and Sanford House at Cherry Street (for women) represent iconic architecture located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We have restored these beautiful places so that you can do the hard work of treatment in a motivational space.

You can do this.

And we will be there for you. We have assembled a group of talented and credentialed professionals to walk this path with you. We are inspired by them every day and trust that you will be too.

So, we invite you to come into one of our homes, and begin a new and better life in recovery.

Rae and David Green