Addiction and Navigating the Holidays – eightWest Interview

Sanford Founder Rae Green sat down with eightWest host Terri DeBoer to talk about all things addiction, recovery and the holidays. Rae offered tips to welcome (not dread) the upcoming festivities while maintaining recovery. Tips include establishing sober boundaries and planning ahead.   What is the most wonderful time of the year for most people […]

From Our Houses to Yours – Happy Thanksgiving

  Our penchant for adopting historic and iconic architecture as the back drop for our addiction treatment facilities came about by pure happenstance. A wrong turn onto Cherry Street in the Winter of 2014. And a few months later, we found ourselves in the middle of a daunting and exciting historical renovation project. Saving this […]

Tech Angst – Sober Mummy

  Yesterday afternoon we finally got our boys a new gaming console that they have been saving long and hard for. There was high excitement in the D household as the box came home and was unpacked. Sleek, shiny new technology for the house! Hooray! A recipe for happiness, right?   Wrong. At least initially. […]

Hangovers, Sober Mum and Cupcakes – the Best of the Sanford Blog…

In case you didn’t see them, these are the three most popular articles we have posted on the Sanford House Blog in the past three months:         Hangovers: Why Doesn’t the Morning After Deter the Night Before? May 3, 2016 by Marilyn Spiller My favorite part about being sober is the morning. Especially […]

Therapy Dog Santino’s Official Portrait Unveiling

  At the unveiling of Sanford House therapy dog Santino’s official portrait, Founder David Green gave the following presentation:   “It is a great honor for me to be officiating at the unveiling of the official portrait of Santino Green, to be known henceforth as the “Lord Santino Portrait”. Santino, while still a young man, […]

New to Recovery? 5 Ways to Treat Yourself – 5 Things to Avoid

A few years ago, when I was thinking about thinking about not drinking, I was seeing a psychologist and he told me the best way to deal with my alcohol dependence was to, “Become addicted to good things.” He suggested my children, or exercise as worthy replacements for my three bottle of wine a day […]

On the Road with the Founders

Hi Everyone, Here we are enjoying a bicycle cab ride through the streets of San Francisco after visiting colleagues at Alta Mira. Alta Mira is an incredible treatment center, nestled on a hill in Sausalito (yes it recalls the old Tony Bennet song about leaving our hearts…) and they provide the west coast with addiction […]