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Family Guide: Why Does your Addiction Always Come First?

  “Early recovery” marks the beginning stage of sobriety in our family guide. Because, as the person in recovery adjusts to a sober lifestyle, their loved ones are learning to adjust as well. And loved ones can disregard their own adjustment period, because their focus has been on the addiction itself for so long. In […]

You ARE What You Eat – How Nutrition Helps the Therapeutic Process

  Working in the field of addiction, it is not uncommon for me to hear people say; “I should be able to indulge in all the sweets, fats and junk food I want.” There is a shared belief that “treating themselves” to processed foods is better than using their drug of choice. This, however, is proving to […]


Powerful Allies in Recovery – Educating the Family About Addiction

Why is it important to include family in recovery?  At Sanford, we believe family involvement is one of the most important components for a healthy, long term recovery.   Family members can be powerful allies in the recovery process. And while a person is in treatment, it is the perfect time to involve family members. […]


Solution Focused Therapy – Learning from Past Successes…

  When I’m working with the women at Sanford House, positive outcome is largely associated with the woman-counselor connection. Our client’s hopes for a better future, must be heard and supported throughout the process, by all members of the clinical staff. Using the techniques offered through evidence based* Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), we are able to establish […]


Family Recovery: Where Do I Fit Into the Equation?

  I have found numerous ways in which families attempt to face the reality of substance use. A common response for many is denial and minimization. Often the family members minimize the addiction of their loved one. While aware of the signs, they struggle with acknowledging the depth of the problem. During the active stage […]