Sundays With Omar: Guilt, Shame & the Importance of Forgiveness…

  Although no one looks forward to feeling the effects of guilt and shame, I was excited to see the article below in Psychology Today. There are important aspects about feeling “guilt” and “shame” that influence our ability to be empathetic and to be contributing members of our communities.   At Sanford House, we believe […]

Sundays with Omar: Rock Bottom Bravery

  I worked in the homeless community for the past eight years. I served individuals who were diagnosed with co-morbid, or dual diagnosis disorders. Many people described my efforts as working with the lowest of the low. The rock bottom. I always disagreed.   I knew that my clients were some of the bravest people […]

Sundays With Omar: Ireland’s Pub Tradition & a Bill to Curb Drinking

  I spent four months studying in Tully Cross, County Galway Ireland. I’ve spent the last 18 years wishing, every day, to be back in the thatched roof cottages and standing by the peat fire. So when I saw the following CNN article, my interest was piqued:   Ireland passes ‘groundbreaking’ bill to curb excessive […]

Sundays With Omar – Cultural Competence and Recovery

  One of the distinctive features of the recovery advocacy movement is its commitment to transcend the historical barriers that have separated people within the United States and across the world…  from The Selected Papers of William L. White   Recovery Advocacy and the Latino Community by Bill White, Angelo Lagares & Gaynelle Gosselin   […]

Sundays With Omar – The Duty to Remain True to Oneself…

  It’s interesting to note the differences in an article like this from the Washington Post (below), and the images we see of alcohol use all over traditional and social forms of popular media. We laugh and hit “share” when we see an image of someone saying they’ll only have one glass of wine – […]