Outpatient Clinical Management – Limelight Interview

There is a consistent “vibe” in the Sanford Outpatient Center. It seems to come from the obvious camaraderie between management, therapists, administrative staff and Sanford clients. The air is light, bright and somehow expectant. It’s friendly. People smile – there is always an exchange over the coffee pot. Are you going to the meeting at […]

Awesome Michigan Recovery – Best of Excursions!

  One of Sanford’s therapists, Ali S. Kitchen, said it best, “Michiganders have always been my favorite group of people for many reasons. I love the way Michiganders love their state.” And what a marvelous state to be in recovery! Especially in the summer. The gorgeous fresh produce (even with a short growing season) improves […]

Awesome Michigan recovery sunset

Continuum of Care: Early Recovery & Relapse Prevention

Continuum of care is a cohesive system of care that guides and tracks Sanford clients through all levels of treatment intensity. At Sanford, we recognize the importance of a long-term continuum of treatment programs, classes and resources. The therapeutic alliance between client and counselor is vital. And our clients respond best to treatment when they […]

Changing it Up This Summer – Best of Excursions Magazine

  Are you making some changes to your lifestyle this summer? Starting a more rigorous exercise routine? Or experiencing the joys and complications of early recovery? Maybe the long summer days (and nights) have you thinking it’s time to change it up. Exploring all the things you like to do other than indulge in addictive substances. […]

When is Self-Disclosure Appropriate in Recovery Support?

For a host of good reasons, addiction treatment centers hire, educate and promote some employees who are in long-term recovery. This hiring practice fosters an accepting environment. And hiring those in long-term recovery helps to end stigma in the workplace. When Self-Disclosure Serves as a Template Clients at a treatment facility may view employees in […]

12-Steps in Addiction Treatment – Limelight Interview

  What role does the 12-steps play in addiction treatment and recovery? At Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers we incorporate AA and NA 12-step meetings into the curriculum. And because it is sometimes intimidating to go to a meeting on your own – especially when new to recovery, we load all our clients into vans and […]

Addicted Michigan – the WWMT Channel3 News Interview

Sanford House and Founder/Spokesperson Rae Green are in the news again. This time in response to WWMT Channel 3 News’ series on Addicted Michigan. Click the link or photo below for the newscast and full interview  by Alexis Berdine.   One in 10 Americans are going to become addicted to drugs or alcohol…The feature of […]

Marriage & Family Therapy in Rehab – Limelight Interview

  Clinical Therapist, Lynnel Brewster has a lot of initials after her name. And with 24 years of experience, she has worked in hospital and home settings, residential addiction treatment centers and private practice. Lynnel is a  registered nurse and a licensed professional counselor.  She also has her limited license in marriage and family therapy, […]

Addiction is a Family Disease – The Best of Excursions Magazine

  At Sanford Addiction Treatent Centers, we believe family involvement is one of the most important components for a healthy, long-term recovery. Family members can be powerful allies in the recovery process. And while a person is in treatment, it is the perfect time to involve loved ones. Quite simply, addiction is a family disease. […]

WGVU News Interview: Founder Rae Green on Addiction in West Michigan

Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers Founder Rae Green sat down with WGVU journalist Daniel Boothe. Daniel and Rae talk about the state of addiction in West Michigan and Kent County. They address: the opioid epidemic; the rise of drug and alcohol use in West Michigan since 2017; and the de-emphasis of alcohol related deaths in the […]