Awesome Michigan Recovery – Best of Excursions!

Awesome Michigan recovery sunset


One of Sanford’s therapists, Ali S. Kitchen, said it best, “Michiganders have always been my favorite group of people for many reasons. I love the way Michiganders love their state.” And what a marvelous state to be in recovery! Especially in the summer. The gorgeous fresh produce (even with a short growing season) improves our wellness and strengthens our resolve. And we sample from the roadside produce stands and markets. Hikes along the lake shores and into the woods inspire awe – which like gratitude can actually shape our view the world.


And the water … Kayaking along the raging rivers, pontoon boating on inland lakes. And the splendor, the awe we feel from standing on a dune and looking at the Great Lakes, reminds us we are here now and vital. We present three articles about the wonders of recovery in our state. From taking the time to be awed by its greenness; to snacking on its bounty; to daring to explore the mighty Flint River by blow-up boat.


Here’s the Best of Excursions – Summer Recovery in Michigan!

Michigan Awesomeness …

Fostering Feelings of Awe

Michiganders have always been my favorite group of people for many reasons. I LOVE the way that Michiganders love their state. From Detroit, to Grand Rapids, to Traverse City, to the Upper Peninsula – you would be hard pressed to find a Michigander who did not endorse and thoroughly enjoy the natural beauty of their [read more…]




Recovery Kayaking – The Uncomplicated Joy

Sobriety, once you get the hang of it, makes life uncomplicated. Take kayaking for example. In my active addiction, a kayaking trip would have been an elaborate affair. I would leave the sunblock, water and bug spray behind, but stockpile wine in plastic water bottles. My balance was so bad, I would never have been [read more…]




Wholesome Foods: Michigan Farmers Markets

Sanford Chef Mackenzie provides meals full of fresh ingredients from nearby farms. The Fulton Street Farmers Market is a great resource for recipes and delicious meals. Also, an excursion to the market for our clients in treatment is an outing that floods all the senses. Local farmers provide seasonal wares for purchase in an [read more…]







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