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In case you didn’t see them, here are three of our finest blog posts from lands afar (but subjects near and dear to our hearts…). Contributors Lotta Dann, Paul Silva and Olivia Pennelle talk: boredom, tea bags and losing weight…


Best of Blog:


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Sobriety and Boredom Do Not Mix

Written by Paul Silva (Buzzkill Pod)

“I’m bored.”   I hear my kids declare this sometimes, as they stare at the dozens of toys and games surrounding them. “There’s nothing to do!” they moan, stepping over all their LEGO, cars and train tracks. They seem to just see past the plethora of things that other kids would love to have [read more…]





I Travel With Tea Bags…

Written by Lotta Dann (Mrs. D is Going Without)

It was midnight at the party and someone said “I’m putting the jug on, does anyone want a hot drink?”. OMG yes I thought and called out “Me please!!!” before heading over to my handbag to fetch one of the tea bags I had stashed in there earlier.   Yes, I was at a [read more…]





Stop Using. Start Eating. Get a bike. Lose 50 Pounds. Yay.

Written by Olivia Pennelle (Liv’s Recovery Kitchen)

Last year I embarked on the second biggest challenge in my life – the first being getting clean – to lose the weight that I had gained during my addiction. My using career very quickly progressed from stimulant based drugs in my teens and 20’s, to prescription opiates and copious amount of alcohol in [read more…]




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