Best of Blog: Decision, Detox and 50 Things We Love About Sobriety!



In case you didn’t see it. Here are some great posts by Sanford House womanpower. Rae Green, Christine Walkons and Marilyn Spiller will help you decide whether you have a problem; walk you thorough the early days of recovery; and fire you up about long-term sobriety!


How Do I Know if I Have a Drinking Problem?


We get calls at Sanford House all the time, from people who are on the fence about whether they have a drinking problem or not. We call this “precontemplation,” because oftentimes the caller is obviously in trouble, but they don’t see it. Or don’t want to see it. We appreciate these calls, because it [read more…]


What is Detox?



My family has a story we tell about the time my grandfather went to alcohol detox at Deaconess Hospital in Detroit. It was back in the 1970’s when the approach was “white knuckle” and he was tied to the bed with straps. While his sons held vigil, he stayed awake for an entire week, riding [read more]


 Who Are You? Assessment in Addiction Treatment



You may be familiar with the terms “screening and assessment” when it comes to addiction treatment, but people are often confused by the differences between these two processes. Screening occurs when someone who is seeking help for their addiction makes that first call for help and is evaluated for the presence of a problem with [read more]


50 Things I Love About Sobriety



Yes, I love just about everything associated with sobriety (even though, being a grownup can be a little difficult at times…). Let me count the ways. I love: The mornings My hair, nails and skin Having a memory Not being afraid or regretful of what I remember… The free time No bags under my eyes [read more]



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