Looking Back at Summer Joy 2019 – The Best of Excursions

  What a difference a year makes. We went back to our articles from last year at this time, when summer was a little simpler to navigate. Interestingly, summer joy and our recovery advice stood the test of time. In 2020, we still seek happiness, connection to nature, and fostering feelings of awe. And in Michigan, […]

Gratitude Therapy – Finding Happiness in Recovery/Life

  I keep a file, with a pink and orange leaf motif, labeled “HAPPINESS”. The file contains articles, post-it notes, clippings, and odds and ends on positive psychology. I am fascinated by the concept of gratitude as a therapeutic intervention (in these times it seems even more germane). And how gratitude groups in the treatment […]

gratitude as therapy sunflowers

Update: Sanford Outpatient and Virtual Treatment

The Governor issued Executive Order 2020-21, requiring all people in Michigan to “stay home and stay safe” three months ago. Since that time, Sanford has worked to provide addiction treatment for our clients under these extenuating circumstances. Our Residential Programs are available with testing, increased policies and response protocols. And we were able to pivot […]


Denial of Addiction – the First Stage of Acceptance

In our last article, we reviewed what it feels like to be a person developing a substance use disorder (SUD). We are now beginning a series discussing the dynamics and defenses used by people as they develop an SUD. The primary defenses used as addictive disease progresses are denial, justification, deception, and manipulation.   Denial, […]


WGVU Morning Show – How Pets Can Improve Recovery

Pets in recovery? Clinical Therapist Ali Kitchin, author of the article, Power of Pets in Virtual Addiction Treatment, was interviewed (virtually) by the WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin. In the interview, she talks about why our furry friends can be a tool for lasting sobriety.   The power of pets is consistency. We’re all looking […]


Humor as Therapy – The Limelight Interview

Addiction treatment has been impacted by the uncertainty and isolation of the past few months. During this time, we learned that group therapy can be conducted, with positive outcomes, via telehealth. And we also learned that glimpses of the lives and living environments of our clients and therapists during virtual treatment creates a new intimacy. […]


Power of Pets in Virtual Addiction Treatment

Floofer. Doggo. Pupper. Good Boy. These are some of the most cringe-worthy, but intensely heartfelt phrases, I find flying out of my mouth whenever I see a dog. It can get very embarrassing for those around me whenever I fail to regulate my reaction to pets. All of the sudden, my entire lexicon changes, and […]


Boundaries in Recovery – The Freedom of Setting Limits

From the presentation “Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Recovery” – Families Against Narcotics (FAN) Washtenaw County Family Forum, May 11, 2020 by Rae Green, JD, LPC, CAADC and Ellen M. Sork, LLMSW.   What are boundaries in recovery? “Boundary” is a word that has found its way into our everyday vocabulary and popular media. The concept […]


Recovering Together – Sanford Family Programs Go Virtual

The Family Programs at Sanford were created to include the loved ones of our clients in the treatment process and beyond. At Sanford, we believe family involvement is a key component to a healthy, long-term recovery. And during this time, we are offering our family programs on virtual platforms.    Recovering Together The Family Program […]


A Commitment to Recovery – The Limelight Interview

  A commitment to recovery in the time of COVID-19 means maintaining your group therapy and connection through virtual platforms. And the usual hustle and bustle of the in-person Sanford Outpatient Center has been subdued during the past three months. As we are all adjusting to the protocols and safety regulations, substance use disorders (SUD) […]