Body and Mindfulness Treatment for Trauma

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the “Somatic and Mindfulness Treatment for Trauma” panel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This event was led by Bethany Ackley DeBlaay, Dr. Jessica Gladden, Dr. Brittnie Finkbeiner, Raechel Morrow, April Kaiserlain, and Beth Mellema. It was hosted by The Body Mind Being Project and Grand Rapids Healing Yoga. The panelists spoke about […]

Reviewing the Controversial Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, global change begins with self-awareness and self-improvement. “If you can’t even clean up your room, who the hell are you to give advice to the world?” Peterson writes and lectures on personal responsibility, mythology, and mental health.   I had the opportunity to see Dr. Peterson speak […]

Navigating Grace – Sailing, Survival and Spirituality…

  The true test of a good book is when you glean something new every time you read it. And so it goes with Jeff Jay’s beautifully written, memoir Navigating Grace. The book is an intensely personal account of  Mr. Jay’s solo, sea adventure aboard the sloop Lifeboat. But, it is also a tale of redemption. And for anyone […]

The Girl on the Train – The Addiction Counselor’s Movie Review

  I was blessed to see The Girl on the Train with some of the Sanford House residents, in the comfy seats at AMC Grand Rapids 18.  The book won superb reviews by the rest of the Sanford House clinical team, as an excellent portrayal of alcoholism, power and control, and domestic violence. The film version […]

3 Life Lessons I Learned While Working at an Addiction Treatment Center

  When I accepted the internship I felt like Cinderella. My fairy godmother Marilyn, the Director of Marketing, replaced the rags of a summer working at a call-center with the glamour of an internship that qualified for college credit. And because I was Cinderella, I decided to celebrate my transformation by going to a party […]

Curating Comfort – The Health Perks of Art in Public Spaces

  I try not to say hate a lot but… I hate nothing more than a trip to the doctor’s office. The space is pale and cold and they have smooth jazz playing on a loop. The art hanging on the wall is typically a watered down pastel. It’s paler than my white knuckles as I […]

From Our House to Yours, Frank Lloyd Wright…

  Sanford House is a pretty lucky place. Because we help women recover from addiction, and we are located in an amazing city. As the summer intern, I spend a lot of my time researching excursions to take the women of Sanford House on, and we have a lot of options – both town and country. […]

It’s the Simple Things in Life…

  This summer, it seems like everywhere we look there are reminders of a simpler time. And isn’t it great to round a corner with a group of women, laughing and talking and come upon a monument to bygone days? An old-fashioned bicycle leaned against a tree (as if its owner just went into the corner […]

Hot Town – Sanford in the City…

  Sanford House is lucky enough to call the vibrant city of Grand Rapids home. If you’re using your Michigander “mitten map,” we are located halfway up the left side of the palm – not too far in. Grand Rapids is an eclectic city with the kind of urban strolls that get the heart pumping… A walk on Union […]

A conversation with Jeff Jay, Author of Navigating Grace

Best-selling author and addiction specialist Jeff Jay recently visited Sanford House for a reception and book signing of his spiritual memoir Navigating Grace. Five years in the works, he spoke with Sanford House Founder Rae Green about the soulful account of his solo sailing adventure, which ultimately became a journey of personal transformation.  Known for […]