When is Self-Disclosure Appropriate in Recovery Support?

For a host of good reasons, addiction treatment centers hire, educate and promote some employees who are in long-term recovery. This hiring practice fosters an accepting environment. And hiring those in long-term recovery helps to end stigma in the workplace. When Self-Disclosure Serves as a Template Clients at a treatment facility may view employees in […]

Navigating Grace – Sailing, Survival and Spirituality…

  The true test of a good book is when you glean something new every time you read it. And so it goes with Jeff Jay’s beautifully written, memoir Navigating Grace. The book is an intensely personal account of  Mr. Jay’s solo, sea adventure aboard the sloop Lifeboat. But, it is also a tale of redemption. And for anyone […]

Unite to Face Addiction Michigan – Save a Life with Naloxone Training!

Thursday, May 18th a few thousand people will gather on the lawn at the Michigan State Capital Building, for the Unite to Face Addiction 2nd Annual Rally & Advocacy Day.. And Sanford House will be there. With a slogan like, “Be the Voice of Change” and opening remarks from Lt. Governor Brian Calley, it promises […]

Calm & Courageous – Learning to Overcome Anxiety

  At Sanford House, we believe in peer support, which is why we take residents to mutual aid support groups like AA and NA in the community every day. I have found that sometimes clients are more compelled to hear peer support advice about a specific aspect of their addiction, such as anxiety.   Overcoming […]

Reflecting on the Holidays and Parenting in Recovery

For many of us in recovery, the holidays offered an opportunity to reflect on the passing-down of intergenerational wisdom. We were able to reunite with parents who live at a distance and spend quality time with the kids.   Some agonize over what they feel is missing in their family. Others have moved on to repair or […]


Going “Home” for the Holidays at Sanford House…

  It’s good to be back at Sanford House. My roommates at school would look at my meticulously kept calendar hanging on my wall and giggle at my countdown. They thought it was my way to keep focused on finals, because after we regurgitated every little factoid packed into our brains, we planned to pack and drive […]

Spirited Sober Gifts! Alcohol-Free Cocktails! 100 Fun Ideas! The Best of Excursions Magazine

  The holidays are a wonderful time of year to be with family and friends. The holidays are also a time for emotional triggers, pushed buttons and stress.  It’s common for those in recovery to find the “most wonderful time of the year” to be challenging. So, when you need a lift, the following articles have ideas for winter sober activities and […]

Empowering Moments of Change (and a Sweet Trip to Palm Beach)

  It was metaphoric that Tibetan monks built a sand mandala in a booth right by the coffee buffet. Mandalas are supposed to effect purification and healing and we were at an addiction treatment conference. The sand mandala also represents the impermanent nature of existence. When it’s finished, the monks disperse their creation into flowing water.  […]

Sanford Goes Town & Country in Riverside Park

  Just north of Grand Rapids is picturesque Riverside Park. 180 acres of urban pastoral splendor: lagoons for fishing; trails for biking and running (or walking); a boat launch; and picnic tables and benches nestled in scenic lookouts. There are even rowers on the river…     What a perfect spot for journaling. Sitting underneath a […]

Summer at Sanford House…

  The flowers are blooming at Sanford House! We brought in some beautiful blossoms for the summer and with the help of our women residents, they are flourishing. There is something about getting your hands in the earth that revitalizes… Every morning, someone goes out to tend the garden. The cool, early hours and bright, energetic colors are therapeutic.   We […]