Insight Into Overdose Grief & Loss – Join Us at a FAN Presentation



Families Against Narcotics (FAN) is a community based program for those seeking recovery, those in recovery, family members affected by addiction and community supporters. FAN seeks to change the face of addiction, dispel the stigma of addiction, and educate the community as well as those affected by addiction.


With 19 chapters throughout Michigan and a first out-of-state chapter in North Carolina, FAN continues to educate communities of the dangers of prescription drug abuse, especially painkillers. For more information on how you can get involved go to their website.


Support and Education…

Sanford House is a strong supporter of FAN, and of the Grand Rapids’ Chapter. Sanford House art therapist Leara Glinzak, will give a presentation at the April 3rd meeting on Defining Grief. She will cover topics such as: how grief affects the brain, the stages of grief, and coping with the death of a loved one to drug overdose. She will also discuss how art therapy can help to process grief in individuals.


Please join us for this special evening – all are invited!  Tuesday, April 3 at 7 PM. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (Pearl at Division), Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Over the past several months, and especially lately, our audience’s experience with grief in the loss of a loved one to drug overdose has escalated. Nearly 60% of our audience has been affected, and many of you quite recently. And although grief is an inherent part of life, grief due to overdose death is more complex. We are going to devote our April meeting to this topic, and learn more about this unfortunate experience that is becoming so prevalent.

Leara Glinzak, MSAT is an Art Therapist with Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers. She will be discussing some of the basics of the grief journey, along with a description of the role of art therapy.  Mother Susan York, associate rector at St. Mark’s and an ardent supporter of our programming, will also talk about grief and loss from her work as a hospital administrator and now as a spiritual leader. And even though you may not have lost a loved one to overdose, this presentation promises to bring insight and education for everyone.

Jeanne M. Kapinga, MD – President FAN Grand Rapids




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