The men and women of Sanford House are encouraged to rediscover their passions and inner strength. And because we believe you cannot grow in isolation, our residents build community inside and outside of the therapy room.

In addition to our residential treatment centers on Cherry Street and John Street, we bring our clients into the activity of surrounding parks, museums, and local downtown. Because these excursions help individuals to establish a sense of safety in their sobriety, our residents are better equipped to transition back to “real life” after treatment. Grand Rapids’ town and country landscape is well suited to put relapse prevention skills into practice. And as an added bonus, the nearness of the treatment centers to residential neighborhoods goes a long way to dispelling stereotypes and stigma about the disease of addiction. 


Our Unique Approach to Addiction Treatment

Sanford House founders Rae and David Green say their penchant for adopting historic and iconic architecture as a backdrop for our addiction treatment centers came about by “happenstance”. A wrong turn onto Grand Rapids’ Cherry Street in the winter of 2014 and a few months later, they were in the middle of a daunting and exciting historical renovation project. Sanford House on Cherry Street was born, now serving as one of the most significant centers for women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in the country.

Of course, the story could not end there. Happenstance struck again, and in the summer of 2016, the Greens became the owners of another historic mansion in the Grand Rapids, Heritage Hill district. It was broken and worn-out, but full of the remnants of its prior glory. Sanford House at John Street stands ready now as a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center for men. The same standard of excellence – the same individualized care in a home-like environment.

Treatment Tailored for Men and Women

Sanford House at Cherry Street and Sanford House at John Street are gender-specific facilities for women and men respectively. Each house has been tailored to fit the needs of its residents, and provides a supportive space for healing. The garden patio at Sanford House at Cherry Street, and the windowed room above the drive at Sanford House at John Street, create retreats for quiet contemplation. Meals are served in a dining room with linen napkins, prepared by our private chef. The atmosphere of Sanford House is homespun, comfortable and elegant.

Our addiction professionals believe treatment begins in a particular place. For this reason, founder David Green describes the renovation process of our historic homes as a symbol for the life-changing work taking place within their walls.


For more information about treatment options (including outpatient), call (844) 776.9651


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