Sanford House at Cherry Street Women’s Treatment Center

Sanford House at Cherry Street is a residential treatment facility for women. When founders David and Rae Green recognized the need for gender specific addiction treatment, they began to restore the historic home on Cherry Street. And since that time, Sanford House at Cherry Street has blossomed into a powerful resource for adult women overcoming mental health and substance use disorders. The facility is located in an elegantly restored home in a quiet neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We offer female gendered individuals an intimate, homelike and decidedly non-institutional environment in which to heal.


Tailored to Meet the Needs of Women in Recovery

Sanford House at Cherry Street accommodates ten residents. Our priority is individualization.  We understand that each person who comes through the door has needs, obstacles, priorities, and strengths that are unique to them. The Cherry Street residents and their therapists work collaboratively to establish an individualized plan for treatment and beyond.

Every recovery journey is special.  We have a deep level of respect for the diversity in perspectives, experiences and ideals about sobriety and health. We want clients at Sanford to be able to focus on issues that are akin to their recovery needs and journey. 

Each of our women come to us with an exceptional story and their specific perspective.

We are a recovery-oriented program, therefore our programming incorporates a continuum of care that includes everything from assessment and early recovery support to aftercare support with connection to community resources. We know that a good regimen of wellness activities is necessary to support recovery and sobriety.  Our program includes things like healthy nutrition, exercise routines, spiritual growth, creative expression, and re-engagement excursions.  Many of these activities (like cooking, yoga, painting, writing, or mindfulness/meditation) may have been neglected in active addiction.


We believe caring for the body is an essential part of recovery. With this in mind, we ensure meals are prepared on site by a private chef who also facilitates group sessions on nutrition, recovery support, and self-care.  

For this same reason, the bedrooms at Sanford are designed to encourage a restful and complete night’s sleep. The Cherry Street house incorporates three factors that impact mental function and wellbeing – sleep, social interaction and exercise. 


Clinical Programming at Sanford

Sanford takes pride in providing a sophisticated clinical program that is founded on evidence-based, therapeutic interventions that will provide the most efficient healing and recovery experience possible for our clients.  Our highly trained, master’s level team of therapists provide various therapeutic modalities that can be tailored to each of our individual clients. 

Therapeutic Approaches and Alliance

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavior therapy, brainspotting, experiential therapy, emotion-focused family therapy, seeking safety, and acceptance and commitment therapy are just some of the interventions that are used in individual, group, or family therapy throughout the treatment process.  Of course, all of our therapeutic interventions are founded in a highly attuned, person-centered approach.

Medical Support

Our residents have the support of a full medical team on staff and on site (MD – Addictionologist, Nurse Practitioner, Physicians Assistants, and 24-hour nurse supervision)

Family Program

Family members are encouraged to participate in our Family Programs. These programs include evening education courses for family members, intended to do the following:

  • Teach family members about the disease of addiction
  • Prepare loved ones for what to expect after a family member returns home from treatment
  • Connect family members to available resources in the community

Town and Country

Sanford is located within a vibrant West Michigan community. Grand Rapids offers its residents a rich blend of local art and urban flair, as well as lush walking trails and lakeside excursions. We describe ourselves as “unapologetically located in the Midwest.” In fact, we believe our Midwestern values are key to our many treatment successes.

Adjacent to medical institutions, universities and a bustling downtown, the Grand Rapids landscape encourages those new to recovery to navigate a balance between treatment and “real life” in recovery. 


The addiction professionals at Sanford House at Cherry Street will walk alongside you as you rebuild a vibrant, fulfilling life in recovery. Residents are offered hope, support, and acceptance.

We welcome you into our home. And look forward to working with you.

Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women
540 Cherry Street SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
(616) 288.6970