Sanford Outpatient Center

Treatment begins in a particular place…

And the Sanford Outpatient Center is in keeping with our philosophy that a beautiful location is the first step to recovery. Our outpatient facility is lovingly restored and in a private suite in the landmark, Grand Rapids Masonic Temple. It’s a great, safe place to find community and fellowship.



Licensed and Accredited Treatment…

Sanford Outpatient Center is licensed by the state of Michigan and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The fully renovated space has:

  • Comfortable group rooms for therapy and education
  • Groups facilitated by master’s level clinician 
  • Customized furniture for maximum comfort
  • A communal activity and meeting room
  • A separate drug and alcohol testing room
  • Coffee bar and dining area
  • Private individual and family therapy rooms
  • Plenty of covered, private parking and a discreet entrance
  • Conveniently located one mile from Grand Rapids city center and I 96 exit

Most Insurance Accepted…



Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Oftentimes, those who need help do not get the treatment they need because it means putting their life on hold. IOP allows for continuation of everyday activities while integrating effective strategies to manage recovery and day-to-day life. IOP is available to those adults, 18 or older, who live within reasonable driving distance from Sanford House. Or for those in sober housing or a home environment who may have completed a residential program and need additional support.

IOP is not for everyone. Clients are expected to maintain a sober lifestyle while living independently. Regular drug and alcohol screens are performed by Sanford House staff. An IOP Program has many of the same aspects of a Residential Program. IOP clients attend IOP specific group therapy and group wellness activities or excursions. There may also be homework assignments. Participants in IOP are able to implement new recovery knowledge and skills in their home environment while processing the experience in a safe and supportive setting.




“Fun” Facts: What to Expect at the Sanford Outpatient Center

  • IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient Program
  • There are levels of clinical care that are higher than IOP as well as lower than IOP. When you come to the Outpatient Center, you are sandwiched right in the middle! Which means we can alter your treatment as you see fit. Just simply ask!
  • IOP is comprised of men and women in early recovery
  • The substances of choice between group members vary, however we are all here to learn more about addiction and recovery
  • Each IOP group lasts for 3 hours:
    • The first hour is an organized check-in from each client. The clients update the group on their successes and what they continue to struggle with
    • Then there is a 10-minute break
    • The next hour and a half is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skill building. This may include, but is not limited to, information on the brain, triggers, emotions, relationships, trust, boundaries, support groups, managing downtime, making new connections, etc.
      • We use an evidence-based model called the “Matrix Model”.
    • There is a 10-minute break.
    • The group is finished with a mindfulness meditation and a check-out from each group member.
      • Note – at times, discussions and the therapeutic process may alter from the exact layout above. (For example, we may not get to the check-out each time if the earlier discussion is fruitful and engaging)
  • IOP is 18 sessions or 6 weeks, depending on clinical need and insurance coverage
  • You will meet with an individual therapist 3 times during your course of treatment:
    • Intake assessment and treatment planning
    • Mid-way session
    • Discharge session
  • Family therapy is offered to each client during their time in IOP. 
  • Individual therapy and regular attendance at support group meetings is strongly encouraged to every IOP client. Referrals will be made throughout your time in the program
  • We ask that you respect a 3-absence policy. This means that during your time in IOP, you are agreeing to not miss more than 3 sessions of IOP.
  • Urine drug screens and breathalyzers will be conducted randomly
  • There is an open policy at the Center to ask questions about any of our procedures
  • Our program is based on the understanding that total abstinence is the most effective way to reach our goals of recovery from substances. With the exception of medications prescribed to you by your doctor, we ask that you respect a total abstinence policy during your time in IOP.

There is an open policy at the Center to ask questions about any of our procedures. We are here to help you in your recovery process. So if you have questions, concerns, or feedback at any time, please do not hesitate to contact a Sanford Outpatient Center staff member.