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Sometimes, love is found in places you don’t expect it to be. You round a corner and wham – it hits you like a ton of bonbons. Love is where you find it… We’ve pulled some articles on love in all its guises – Sanford House clinical director, Christine Walkons tells us that leaving your family and entering treatment can be an act of love. Founder Rae Green takes time out to share the love with the women of Sanford House – belly dancing. And Marilyn Spiller gets 50 kinds of excited about recovery…

Love Is Where You Find It…


How Can a Woman Leave Her Family to Come Into Treatment?

How can a woman leave her family to come into treatment? This is an emotionally loaded question, often asked by family members, friends and neighbors. And most especially, by the woman herself. While the answers to the question can be varied, they may also have many similarities.   Address Feelings With Respect… Women come into [read more…]




Working Hard at Recovery? Take Time Out to BELLY DANCE…

As a co-founder of Sanford House, and as an addiction counselor, I can attest that the women in our charge work hard for their recovery. Our clients at Sanford House participate in all manner of evidence based group therapy. They have rigorous individual sessions with their counselors. On any given day, they may plumb the inner-workings of their family [read more…]



50 Things I Love About Sobriety (Don’t Even Get Me Started…)

Yes, I love just about everything associated with sobriety (even though, being a grownup can be a little difficult at times…). Let me count the ways. I love: The mornings My hair, nails and skin Having a memory Not being afraid or regretful of what I remember… The free time No bags under my [read more]





At Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers, we believe that everyone deserves to find the place from which they draw strength… Because our proven addiction treatment, comprehensive as it may be, is just the beginning of a life in recovery. We want to inspire you to find your inner grit, rekindle your interests and engage your passion. Our guiding principles include a homelike environment, individualized treatment, integrated therapies, robust excursions and family involvement. The treatment programs at Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women and Sanford House at John Street for Men are gender specific to foster safety, honesty and community. People in different stages of recovery need different levels of care - Sanford Outpatient Center provides connection, education and Intensive Outpatient Services to those who are inspired to embrace sobriety, but may not be appropriate for residential care.