The decision to enter treatment takes courage. Choosing a program should be the easy part…

But, choosing an addiction treatment program is like any other important life decision. It requires research, consideration and resolve. Whether you are making the decision for yourself or a loved one, or the decision is being made for you by the authorities, the fact is, there is no “good time” to go to rehab. When a person anticipates profound change, they often believe “the moment” will come to them in an equally profound way. You might think to yourself, I’ll change when the moment presents itself to me… I’ll get sober someday… when the time is right.

Most of us are uncomfortable making decisions, acting purposefully and taking risks. So we wait and wait… and wait for permission to change.


The Fallacy of “The Moment”

The quest for perfect timing and optimum conditions feeds negative self-talk. You can’t do that. Not yet. Things will be better, later. Why do we think this way? And why do we believe these messages so readily? Do we feel more in-control when we plan, instead of act? And what are the costs of daydreaming? What do we gain from limiting ourselves or halting our progress?

The longer we wait, the deeper we sink into inactivity…


 Helping to Make the Decision

Our residents come to us at many different stages of acceptance and resolve. When a new client enters our doors, they bring with them a life story. A multi-dimensional life rich with spirit and past triumphs. And along with that multi-dimensional life, come a number of very practical circumstances. Many of our clients have demanding schedules, small children and full-time jobs. This is why Sanford offers Residential, Outpatient and Medication Assisted Treatment options for treatment. After our staff assesses your needs, you are matched with the right program for you.

Sanford House provides a turnkey response to all your requirements, collaborating with outside agencies, such as personal physicians, interventionists and detox facilities, to help determine your appropriate level of care. Our programs are designed to feel comprehensive, non-restricting, and provide you with a complete and whole treatment experience. Our mission is to instill a sense of hope, empowerment, meaning and self-responsibility to those we treat.


Our Programs Include: Residential , Outpatient, Virtual, and Medication- Assisted Treatment Options


Relationships and Community are Key

Our programs encourage clients to take an active role in their recovery. And establish sobriety that is strong. Empowered. Authentic. Residents graduate from a Sanford House program with a better understanding of their inner strength, and what it means to support and be supported.

Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers provides a quiet, private setting to re-establish healthy ways of living. Our qualified staff honors anonymity, and is sensitive to the unique strengths and needs of each client.


If you have been ordered by a court to seek treatment and are not sure where to begin, our Admissions Representatives are available to help you get started.