The Role of Aftercare

The right aftercare plan is crucial to a newly sober person’s success in recovery. Aftercare bridges the space between what is learned in treatment and the ability to operate in the “real world.”

Aftercare based on the needs of our clients…blank

People, Places and Things

Often, as clients plan to return home, they recognize people, places, or things in their environment that present risk. For this reason, Sanford House staff works to advocate for clients, consider their circumstances, and assist clients in finding sober living, sponsorship, and safety in early recovery.

The Sanford House Family Program

The Sanford House Family Program was developed by a Marriage and Family Counselor. This session prepares the spouses, significant others, parents and children of our clients to approach recovery as a family unit. Loved ones also learn about what to expect after rehab and how to best support their family member’s sobriety. Our staff understands that although family members may want to support their loved one-in-recovery, they may struggle to understand the disease.

Recovery Wellness Plan

An individualized Recovery Wellness Plan is established with your therapist. This resource details progress towards treatment goals; provides information regarding sponsorship, meeting participation, and referrals to continuing services; and defines continuing care goals. The Recovery Wellness Plan is all about first steps: first steps toward connecting with a local sober community, utilizing your “toolbox” of skills gained throughout the program, and planning for the future. We understand the first steps are often the hardest to make.

Outpatient Services

Sanford House may offer outpatient services to our clients who have completed residential and intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment. If a client comes to us from out of town, Sanford House can make referrals to psychiatrists, therapists, and other medical professionals who provide support to those entering the family system, job and community re-entry.

When clients discharge completely from the program, the house hosts a “graduation lunch” rich with laughter, meaningful words, gratitude, and celebration (and cheesecake!).

The path towards early recovery is enlightening. Exciting. Early recovery also introduces a number of challenging and intimidating transitions. Sanford House understands that newly sober folks benefit from the insight and compassion of supportive others.

Excursions Online Magazine

Sanford House has its own online resource for individuals in recovery. Excursions Online Magazine shares articles, links, and recommendations for healthy sober living. Our Sanford House therapists share clinical insights, and sober men and women share their personal journeys. Excursions is also a place for news, tips and events in the recovery community. Subscribe to Excursions here.



Our intent is to walk alongside our residents… in order to partner with, cultivate, and plan a life of recovery that feels meaningful and realistic.