Outpatient Program

Sanford Outpatient Center – Addiction Treatment


Breaking Down Barriers

The struggle of trying to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction can be overwhelming. Add a job, boss, spouse, kids, friends, and all life’s day-to-day demands and suddenly the time constraints and on-site requirements of “traditional recovery” seem more than daunting – more like, impossible. 

As a result, we saw that rehab itself needed some rehabbing which is why we created Sanford Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center.  Our Outpatient Center breaks down the barriers of traditional rehab by offering flexible, innovative, individualized recovery programs that work with your life —your real life.

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What is Outpatient Treatment?

Sanford Outpatient Center is licensed by the state of Michigan and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). We’re located in a fully renovated space on the first floor of the landmark, Grand Rapids Masonic Temple. Our innovative treatment center is committed to eliminating as many of life’s everyday obstacles as possible to improve recovery outcomes through the following:


Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Sanford Addiction Treatment Center’s Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAT) combines psychosocial behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapy to treat substance use disorders. Please visit our Medication Assisted Treatment Page for more information on what we treat. Treatment includes group, individual, and family therapy along with medical services and medication management. At Sanford, our clinical team uses evidence-based practices in individual and group therapy. Additionally, our clinicians work alongside our medical team, both teams specializing in addiction treatment. MAT can be initiated in conjunction with other levels of care. 


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The purpose of Sanford’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and drug addiction, individual health issues, and trauma in the lives of individuals. IOP provides structure and accountability while encouraging clients to integrate their treatment into their personal, home and work life. Program duration is typically 18 sessions which covers approximately 6 weeks. Intensive Outpatient Programming includes:

    • 3 Group Therapy Sessions each week covering topics such as; relapse prevention and management, early recovery, handling triggers, sober and healthy support systems, etc. 
    • Individual and family therapy
    • Individualized treatment planning
    • Diagnostic assessments 
    • Continued care for clients finishing a residential program
    • Flexible evening sessions for working adults and those with daytime responsibilities. 
    • Aftercare and continuing care planning


Outpatient Program (OP) 

Whether it is for continuation of treatment support services or the convenience of close proximity to work, school or loved ones, group, individual and family counseling provides another opportunity for ongoing treatment outside of a residential program. Our Outpatient Program is individualized and duration of treatment is determined by individual needs. Outpatient Programming includes:

    • Weekly group therapy sessions on topics such as; Relapse Prevention, Early Recovery, and Mindfulness Meditation
    • Individual and family therapy
    • Treatment planning
    • Aftercare planning
    • Introduction to community support and resources
    • Welcoming atmosphere for residential and IOP alumnae


Day Treatment (PHP)

Day Treatment, also known as Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), is one level of care higher than our Intensive Outpatient Program. The purpose of Day Treatment is to provide therapy, structure, and accountability during the day, while allowing clients to practice their learned skills in a home or sober living environment after daily services conclude. Also, Day Treatment teaches our clients therapeutic coping skills to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and drug addiction. Day Treatment includes 5 hours of group therapy per day, 6 days a week. Services include:

    • Daily group therapy using evidence-based curriculum. Covering such topics as: living in balance, stress reduction, advancing remission, shame and resilience, 12-step facilitation, relapse prevention and management, early recovery coping skills, handling triggers and healthy support systems.
    • Weekly medical visits and follow-ups
    • Screening and orientation to treatment
    • Multidisciplinary diagnostic assessments and exams
    • Education regarding early-stage relapse management
    • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services
    • Crisis safety planning (when needed)
    • Family psychoeducation sessions and support groups
    • Aftercare/continuing care planning and referrals
    • Case management services
    • Nutrition and wellness education
    • Individual and family therapy
    • Individualized treatment planning
    • Lunch provided daily

A Positive, Individualized Approach Tailored to Your Life and Needs 

Our focus is and has always been to create and provide a welcoming and uplifting environment with a group of passionate clinical therapists and medical staff, here to help you overcome the challenge of addiction. 


Community and Education

At Sanford Outpatient Center, our focus is on education, community building and group therapy. Our specialized groups are kept to approximately ten people so that everyone gets the opportunity to be heard. Loved ones are encouraged to participate through family and individual sessions, as successful treatment involves all those who support our clients’ recovery.

In addition, the outpatient space includes:

Beverage station and dining area

Private, individual and family therapy rooms

Plenty of covered, private parking with a discreet entrance

Conveniently located minutes from downtown Grand Rapids and close to the I 96 exit ramp