A Typical Day in Treatment

At Sanford House, we provide a structured, accountable and predictable environment in which to recover. Structure is one of the things that separates addiction treatment from the chaos of active addiction. And establishing a routine is an important step towards regaining control of one’s life.

Adhering to a schedule…

Each client has a unique treatment plan, however, we follow a specific schedule. The schedule often includes our non-residential clients in groups and activities. On Sundays, we explore the spiritual needs of our clients as well as provide planned social activities. Often, Sundays are a time for family visits or earned “passes”. Twice a month, we organize an “Excursion” that may involve a museum trip or an appropriate outing to the theater, movies or a local park. We use these excursions, as opportunities to experience “snippets of real life” and afterwards, to discuss the exposure to potential triggers, while in the safety of rehab.

Unlike “The Florida Model”, where clients in treatment live off-site, arrange their own meals and find their own way to therapy sessions, Sanford House provides twenty-four hour, seven-day-a-week supervision. In so doing, we are able to reduce the everyday stressors that may be overwhelming in early recovery.

A Typical Day at Sanford House includes:

Daily Schedule Daily Schedule Daily Schedule Daily ScheduleDaily Schedule

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