How to Refer


There may be times when your patient requires additional support for a substance use disorder. And your patient’s use may be causing problems in their marriage, at their job or preventing them from living a healthy lifestyle. Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers can provide your client with the help they need. As well as walk you through the process of enrolling them in a higher level of care.


If you would like to refer one of your clients to a residential or non-residential program at Sanford House:

  1. Call 616.288.6970 
  2. Next, speak with our admissions coordinator about services and availability
  3. You may choose to make this call with your client. By speaking directly with the client, our staff can answer questions, alleviate anxieties and match him or her with a program to fit their needs.
  4. Please have your client’s insurance information ready at the time of the call. This will help our staff verify benefits and discuss payment options.

If you already have a contact at Sanford House at Cherry Street or Sanford House at John Street, you may speak with them directly. Sanford House staff may be reached at (616) 288-6970