Reflecting on the Holidays and Parenting in Recovery


For many of us in recovery, the holidays offered an opportunity to reflect on the passing-down of intergenerational wisdom. We were able to reunite with parents who live at a distance and spend quality time with the kids.


Some agonize over what they feel is missing in their family. Others have moved on to repair or build anew family ties with their own children. It’s a new year and a good time to think about the emotional maturity it takes to be a parent and a child. (What with Santa checking his naughty list and spoiling the kids.)


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Author Carlee Whitcome (MA, LLMSW) is a counselor at Sanford House. Carlee has a natural calling and talent for counseling - beginning as early as high school. In addition to leading 12 step discussions, Carlee supports all paths to recovery, modeling and empowering a variety of new ways of thinking including secular, religious, or spiritual. She is well seasoned in the spiritual paths of Yoga and Tai Chi, which she studied at GVSU and elsewhere, offering a unique experience of these mind-body-spirit practices integrated with counseling therapy.