Insurance and Payment

Responding to COVID-19, insurance-eligible, telehealth Virtual Programs are available …

Our goal, is to make the administrative aspects of going to treatment as seamless as possible. We will work with you to determine your best options. Whether you are privately paying or utilizing regular insurance benefits. We work with most insurance providers to determine what is covered by your policy.

Our programs include: Virtual Addiction Treatment (telehealth), Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT); Day Treatment; Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP); Outpatient Programs; one-on-one and family counseling; and Residential Addiction Treatment. 

One of the most daunting parts of entering treatment can be understanding financing coverage. Because of this, our team of admissions professionals works with your insurance providers. They will verify the benefits available to you under your policy. We can also assist you in identifying financing options. We do not want the process of financing your stay at Sanford to be a difficult experience. It is important to view alcohol or other drug addiction treatment as an investment in your future.

Verifying Your Benefits – Admissions to a Sanford Program


Clockwise from upper left: Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women; Sanford House at John Street for Men; Sanford Outpatient Center; Sanford Admissions & Outreach Center

When you call us, our admissions team is available to listen and offer an empathetic ear – even if you are just researching options. Our admissions team represents the first line of care you will receive at Sanford. They begin the process by gathering information and explaining our programs. This will help you and your loved ones to understand your options. And it will help us determine your best level of care.

If you are calling for a loved one, we gather as much information as we can from you. And at this time we will also conduct pre-screening, to determine medical/detoxification requirements and timing and schedule for arrival into a Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers program. The schedule is dependent upon availability of beds in our Residential Programs and space in our Outpatient and Virtual Programs.

Insurance coverage for addiction treatment is a complex and changeable system, so it is valuable to have someone experienced work on your behalf. Sanford provides a turnkey solution to your needs – including helping you find another treatment center if a stay at Sanford is not appropriate. 

During your first phone call we begin to build a medical record; help arrange transportation, and book travel or secure pick-up. If you are preparing for an intervention, we will work together with the interventionist to streamline the process of getting your loved one into treatment.

The Sanford Admissions Team


The dream team – Medical Admissions Nurse, Mary Zimpleman, and Admissions Specialist Marrissa Sheehy in the dining room – Sanford House at John Street for Men

The Sanford admissions team is here to answer questions and provide information about all of our programs. Mary Zimpleman and Marrissa Sheehy work together to determine what is going to be needed and to map-out all the options for individuals who are seeking help, or for their loved ones. Mary and Marrissa say that every conversation they have is unique. They are ready to crisis manage, overcome barriers and provide voices of reason. And because they work together with other members of the admissions team, medical, clinical, and administrative staff, it assures our clients and their loved ones that they will receive a coordinated effort.


Often when people call they are overwhelmed. And we cannot tell them what to do – we provide information and options. But we are here on what might be a very bad day and every person who calls Sanford will know they are no longer alone in this. We are here to listen and help. Marrissa Sheehy – Admissions Specialist


So many things come into play – broken relationships, a vicious circle of hopelessness, critical medical issues. That is why a team approach works so well for us. Marrissa and I can pool our resources and strengths. Listening is key. We let our callers talk. They need love, support, expertise and encouragement. Mary Zimpleman – Medical Admissions Nurse


And When You Arrive at Sanford …

When you arrive at a Sanford Residential Program, you will be met by an admissions counselor. They will explain the basic operations of the treatment center, give you a tour and assign your room and bed. Your bags will be inspected and you will be given a drug and alcohol screening. Afterwards, you will meet with a therapist for a biopsychosocial  assessment. The therapist will determine the complete range of issues you are facing and begin to establish your individualized program. The information you provide is confidential and always received without judgment.

You will be assigned your individual counselor within the first few days of treatment. Attention is given to matching the client and therapist, based on personality, drug of choice, age, co-occurring disorders and other defining characteristics.

Upon arrival at a Sanford Outpatient Program, you will also be met by a staff member who is familiar with the admissions.process, walked through the facility and assigned your individual therapist. If you are entering a Sanford Virtual Program, you will “meet” your individual therapist and complete admissions by phone.


We accept most private insurance; however, Medicaid does not participate with our program.

We have worked with the following insurance providers and many more. If you have questions about one of our accepted insurance providers, or if you need more information on another insurance policy, financing or Sanford program descriptions, just call 844.776.9651.

Aetna; ASR health benefits; BlueCross BlueShield; Cigna; Cofinity; First Health; Health Alliance Plan (HAP); Humana; Magellan Health Services; McLaren; Molina; One Beacon; Physicians Health Plan; United Health Care.