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I have never been a fan of New Year’s Eve. Too many expectations. But the thought of a brand new year, free of mistakes (you get to erase everything you’ve done wrong in 2017, right?), is fun to think about… And as to resolutions – according to Forbes, only 8% of resolutions are successful. So why bother?


Honestly, Let’s Do Unto Ourselves

I propose that this year, we try to be kind. And we all just take good care of ourselves. At Sanford House we know that getting help for a substance use disorder is the best way to demonstrate self-care. And the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones in 2018 and beyond…


Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!


And for your reading pleasure, we present the “Best of Excursions – Self-Care and Wellness”: 



Healthy Nutrition Can Help Me Stay Sober? DO Tell…

In the musical Oliver, there is a scene where a long line of adorable, strategically smudged orphans imagine they are eating a feast instead of the gruel they are being served. They warble, “Food, glorious food – we’re anxious to try it! 3 banquets a day. Our favourite diet. Just picture a great big steak fried, [read more…]




You ARE What You Eat – How Nutrition Helps the Therapeutic Process

Working in the field of addiction, it is not uncommon for me to hear people say; “I should be able to indulge in all the sweets, fats and junk food I want.” There is a shared belief that “treating themselves” to processed foods is better than using their drug of choice. This, however, is proving to [read more…]




The Moment of Action – A Guide to Creating Meaningful Change

How do I know when I’m ready for change? How do I enact change in my life? When we anticipate profound change, we believe the moment will come to us in an equally profound way.We want the moment. We expect it. I’ll change when the moment presents itself to me… someday… when it’s right. [read more…]




We’re Not Lost We’re Exploring – Excursions with Kathy

Sanford House Wellness Coach, Kathy Morrow, is always scouting out new places to encourage and excite our clients to challenge themselves physically. And when she heard that Blandford Nature Center was opening a new section to their trail map, she loaded up the van. The former Highlands Golf Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan is beginning [read more…]





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Marilyn Spiller is a writer, sober coach, recovery advocate, and student of the world. (She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing). Seven years sober herself, she penned one of the first sobriety blogs, "Waking Up the Ghost" in 2013. The blog garnered an international following, allowing Marilyn to communicate with thousands of folks in all stages of recovery. Marilyn is Sanford's Director of Marketing and serves as Editor-In-Chief for the Sanford online magazine, "Excursions". She also developed and hosts the podcast Anatomy of Addiction.