Published on page 24 and 25 of Alma College Alumni Magazine, is a piece on Rae and David Green’s treatment center, Sanford House. Before opening Sanford House in 2014, the Green’s had been discussing the opening of a treatment center for some time. When they came across the historic Greek Revival mansion in Grand Rapids, their dreams turned into reality.

The couple had noticed a major void in the ability to get private treatment in the Midwest. Rae and David found that in order to get private treatment, women were required to fly out to California or Arizona. If women wanted to stay in the area, their options were to go to a nonprofit or government-run treatment facility. The two credit their education at Alma as a big part of their ability to keep Sanford House alive. Their combined experience and passion made opening Sanford House possible.

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Sanford Behavioral Health is a residential and outpatient facility located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sanford offers excellence in evidence-based practice models in a home-like, restorative setting. Our clinicians, supported by our medical team, focus on resolving the underlying issues that often cause substance use, such as trauma, unhealthy relationships, co-occurring disorders and isolation. Programs include both in-person and telehealth: residential, day programs, intensive outpatient, outpatient, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), education and relapse prevention classes, one-on-one and family therapy, and alumni and family support groups. At Sanford, we want to inspire you to find your inner grit, rekindle your interests and engage your passion.