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We are all seeking pleasure in our lives. Especially those new to recovery. After a long stretch of misery cloaked in the “reward” of an addictive substance, folks who have quit their drug of choice are looking for the real deal.


Listening to Our Readers…

Many of our Excursions articles stand the test of time. And even in the fleeting world of online information, we see that some topics are universal. These universal topics are read over and over, and serve as educational guides and comfort to those in early recovery and beyond.


Words have power. The correct words will ease a family member’s mind when they ask, “Why did you choose alcohol/drugs over me?” A viral post might encourage someone to accept their drug/alcohol misuse and get the help they need. And an experiential article from someone who has lived through early recovery or a family member’s recovery makes the reader feel less alone….


Here are three of the “most read” articles and the Best of Excursions:

Therapist, heal thyself…



Codependency – Why the Children of Alcoholics Try to Make it All Better

By: Jess Kimmel,

 I love self-help books.   It’s embarrassing… but I’m, like, drawn to them. It may be the natural counselor in me. I’ve read: French Women Don’t Sleep Alone: Pleasurable Secrets to Finding Love; Succulent, Wild Women: Dancing with Your Wonder-Full Self; Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams; and my most recent late [read more…]


Recovery on other side of the world…




What Things Do you Enjoy Instead of Drinking?

Someone asked me this question the other day. It’s a good one given alcohol used to fill a lot of my days. Like, a lot.   Let’s think it through. I would start drinking at 5pm on the dot and usually fell into bed at around 10pm … so that makes at least 5 [read more…]


In recovery, good things happen inside and out!




Better Than Botox – Sobriety Makes You Prettier!

The other day I was having a phone conversation with Rae and Lynnel at Sanford House about what I was going to be doing in my group session and when we finished I said, “Okay, sounds good. Bye girls.” I am old enough to actually remember the early days of the “Women’s Lib” movement, [read more…]





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