Sanford’s David Green on the Wood Radio CEO Spotlight

David Green on radio.

Sanford Founder and CEO, David Green, sat down with Wood Radio’s, Justin Barclay, yesterday in the CEO Spotlight. They talked about the tough “business” of addiction treatment, what it takes to assess and treat someone seeking help and how the disease of addiction impacts the entire family system. They also touched on the challenges and opportunities for Sanford and the community – caring for the caregivers, intelligent growth; research and education; and the medical model of addiction treatment.


You hear those [success] stories. And those are the ones that keep you going. The thing you need to remember about addiction treatment, is that if somebody gets well, it’s not just that person. It’s their family getting well. And I believe it pays dividends for generations, because it creates an atmosphere within the family – and that is going to be passed on … David Green. Founder and CEO Sanford


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WML: David Green, CEO of the Sanford Addiction Treatment Center


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At Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers, we believe that everyone deserves to find the place from which they draw strength… Because our proven addiction treatment, comprehensive as it may be, is just the beginning of a life in recovery. We want to inspire you to find your inner grit, rekindle your interests and engage your passion. Our guiding principles include a homelike environment, individualized treatment, medication-assisted and integrated therapies, robust excursions and family involvement. The treatment programs at Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women and Sanford House at John Street for Men are gender specific to foster safety, honesty and community. People in different stages of recovery need different levels of care - Sanford Outpatient Center provides connection, education and all levels of group therapy to those who are inspired to embrace sobriety in a real life environment.