Sanford House – Awarded Outstanding Residential Preservation Project!


Yesterday, the Grand Rapids Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) handed out its 2018 awards. The awards recognize excellence in restoration projects within the city’s historic districts. Congratulations to the Greens, and Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers for taking the honors for  “Outstanding Residential Preservation Project”. Also, special acknowledgement went to Alec Green for his role as Project Manager for the restoration of John Street. 


Grand Rapids’ historic neighborhoods and landmarks define the character of the City and who we are. Preservation protects our shared history, and promotes a sense of place and a high quality of life… Grand Rapids HPC


Thank you to Rhonda Baker and the Historic Preservation Commission for this nod to our efforts!


Defining the “Character” of Our City

Sanford House at John Street for Men


Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women


Restoring Homes and Lives…

Our philosophy has always been to adopt historic and iconic architecture in Grand Rapids, as the backdrop for our addiction treatment facilities. However, we came about our first venture by pure happenstance. A wrong turn onto Cherry Street in the Winter of 2014. And a few months later, we found ourselves in the middle of a daunting and exciting historical renovation project.


Saving this 1847 structure became our passion. Our restoration efforts completed, Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women serves as a home for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.



What a difference an army of restoration experts makes!



The pillars are brought back to life…



The Carriage House – before and after…


And Our Story Continued…

In the summer of 2016 we became the owners of the Hazeltine Mansion, also located in Grand Rapids. Perched on a rise overlooking the city, this once grand structure, built in 1891, was broken and worn-out, but full of the remnants of its prior glory. We opened Sanford House at John Street for Men in September of 2017.


John Street “before”


The basement exercise room

The basement under restoration…



Dining fully restored…

And so it goes. Reconstruction. Renovation. Rehabilitation. Restoration. Renewal….


Our facilities themselves are a source of inspiration. We have restored these beautiful places so that our clients can do the hard work of treatment in a motivational space… Sanford House Founder, David Green


At Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers, we believe that everyone deserves to find the place from which they draw strength… Because our proven addiction treatment, comprehensive as it may be, is just the beginning of a life in recovery. We want to inspire you to find your inner grit, rekindle your interests and engage your passion. Our guiding principles include a homelike environment, individualized treatment, integrated therapies, robust excursions and family involvement. The treatment programs at Sanford House at Cherry Street for Women and Sanford House at John Street for Men are gender specific to foster safety, honesty and community. People in different stages of recovery need different levels of care - Sanford Outpatient Center provides connection, education and Intensive Outpatient Services to those who are inspired to embrace sobriety, but may not be appropriate for residential care.