Sharing the Recovery Story – The WGVU News Interview

WGVU interview

WGVU Morning Show host Shelley Irwin with Sanford Founder Rae Green and House Manager Roderic Townes


Addiction is real in West Michigan. And WGVU Morning Show guests from Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers discuss how to handle the holiday season. Founder, Rae Green, and Sanford House at John Street for Men House Manager, Roderic Townes, join host, Shelley Irwin, to share stories and discuss recovery during this festive time of year.


We are busy this time of year…symptoms of addiction can surface at those family gatherings… There’s no wrong door to coming in to get treatment. We try to take away the fear and get those loved ones help. Telling a personal story can take the power out of a very painful narrative. Rod lives his purpose at Sanford. He shares his story in ways that are motivating for our clients. Sometimes our stories can be part of someone else’s survival guide.   Rae Green, JD, LPC, CAADC


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