Amy Knapp, MSCC, LLPC, NCC

Amy Knapp, MSCC, LLPC, NCC

Clinical Therapist

Amy Knapp is a recent graduate and college instructor, who relocated to Michigan and “found” Sanford House. She has a special interest in the addiction treatment field, because she feels, “Once the addictive substance is gone you can begin, as a therapist, to work on healing the pain underneath.”

Amy is currently the weekend therapist – Sanford House at Cherry Street. She says, “I love it! The courage and strength these women have amazes me daily.” Amy is inspired by the women of Sanford House, because they work to change their lives and are encouraging and supporting to others along their journey.

Amy is also inspired by the staff at Sanford House. She feels that Sanford House is providing women with a diverse holistic form of treatment. And that the staff are passionate about recovery and providing a safe environment for clients to heal. When she’s not working, Amy spends time with the family. She likes to travel and recently, she’s discovering all the things Michigan has to offer.

Amy says, “Addiction should not define who you are. Yes, it is a chapter in your story, but it is not your whole book.”