Emily Bitzinger

Emily Bitzinger

Director of Residential Services and Telehealth Administration

Emily Bitzinger was born and raised on the east side of the Great Lakes state. In 2012, she decided to trade in Lake Huron for Lake Michigan. But before arriving at Sanford, and after obtaining her bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and International Relations from Grand Valley State University, Emily worked in the hospitality industry. There she specialized in roles that provided direct C-Suite level support.

As the Director of Residential Services and Hospitality (and a fitting segue), Emily ensures that client care is Sanford’s number one priority, by providing key support to our residential treatment center staff. Emily is naturally inclined to organize and she enjoys acting as a communication liaison, coordinating the flow of information between staff. Emily possesses a polite eagerness to assist, keen eye for detail, effective creative conflict solving skills, and the gumption to follow through when faced with a “tough” project. And she has always been passionate about delivering high-quality work guided by a service mindset.

As Telehealth Administrator, Emily was responsible for managing the quick implementation of Sanford’s Virtual Addiction Treatment Programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. She provided technical expertise in setting up the system as well as training, trouble-shooting and compliance. In future, Emily will be integral to Sanford’s expanding telehealth services.

In her free time, Emily enjoys cooking, travelling, reading, and tending to her numerous houseplants. She also enjoys taking her dog, Marmalade, on long walks around East Grand Rapids with her best friend and sweetheart, Mitchell.

Emily says, “I am confident in the credence that ordinary, incremental progress should never be undervalued and that small wins are the building blocks necessary to achieve extraordinarily large successes. Winston Churchill once said, ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’.”