Jacqueline Green Campbell

Jacqueline Green Campbell

Director of Human Resources & New Initiatives

Jacqueline Campbell joins Sanford House with a varied background of talents and experiences. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, she recently moved home from Rhode Island to be closer to family.

A Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), Jacqueline has spent the last several years filling an array of positions within the veterinary field. Prior to becoming an LVT, Jacqueline studied business, sustainability and Spanish. She also spent time abroad studying in The Bahamas; Baja, Mexico; and The Eastern Caribbean. Additionally, she has extensive professional experience in administration, hospitality and client care.  Although she will miss her days spent with people’s beloved pets, she is excited to transfer that passion into helping people seek a life in recovery.

As Director of HR and New Initiatives, Jacqueline works closely with the CFO to enhance human resource services. This includes the hiring and on-boarding of new staff. She also spearheads analysis and implementation of  Sanford initiatives and expansion of their services.

Jacqueline lives in Heritage Hill with her husband, son and two fur babies. When she isn’t chasing around a toddler, she loves to travel, kayak, scuba dive and do anything that involves making memories with friends and family.

Jacqueline says, “Addiction does not discriminate. Addiction does not care if you are rich or poor, what color you are – or gender either. No one is immune. We need to fight the stigma and shame that so often accompanies addiction and seeking treatment. It’s my hope that when someone walks through one of our doors, they are empowered and made to feel worthy, not weak. They deserve a rich life full of happiness… we all do.”