Jess Kimmel, MSAT, LPC

Jess Kimmel, MSAT, LPC

Clinical Manager - Sanford House at Cherry Street

Jess Kimmel has always had a passion for art. When she received her dual license in Art Therapy and Counseling, it made sense that she would apply her creative skills to all aspects of her counseling responsibilities. Jess’s versatility is apparent at Sanford, as she facilitates Interactive Journaling and Art Therapy group sessions at both residential locations.

As Clinical Manager, Sanford House at Cherry Street, Jess also leads groups on trauma and disease progression in residential treatment. And she is a speaker on the topic of anxiety disorders. Also, Jess is a published writer and a valued contributor to Excursions Magazine. When Jess has a minute, she drinks coffee, sketches in an omnipresent journal, and makes art with friends.

Jess says, “The art process naturally encourages us to explore our decision making and self-reflect. My goal is to use the art therapy space to nurture a sense of safety and community at Sanford. As a clinician, it’s important to me that each of my clients are seen and heard.”