Kathy Morrow

Kathy Morrow

Wellness Coach


Kathy Morrow’s passion for all things physical, shines through the minute you meet her. She looks like someone who runs marathons for breakfast, and in fact she has finished five marathons, including the Boston Marathon. Kathy holds a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and a Master Degree in Educational Administration. Kathy has spent her entire career directing, teaching and coaching women and men of all ages and all fitness levels. (She is proud of her previous role, working inside the home as a full time mom as well). She has worked in athletic clubs as well as academia and now, serves as wellness coach for Sanford House.

As a wellness coach, Kathy is responsible for establishing a physical fitness plan for each resident at Sanford House. She also works together with the clients to help them meet their wellness goals both at Sanford House and as they transition home. Kathy thinks that challenging her clients is the point. During her two-hour wellness sessions, Kathy inspires our clients with her excitement for what she does. She has created the “House Workouts”: one-hour training sessions of planks, push-ups and crunches that can be done anywhere. When Sanford House clients leave treatment, they take their workouts with them.

Kathy lives in Grand Rapids. She volunteers as a coach for youth teams and is involved in her church. She spends her free time with family, boating, running and doing all manner of physical activities. One of her favorite workouts is going around East Grand Rapids’ Reeds Lake. She has included this walk in the Sanford House fitness routine. It’s an excursion for all levels with plenty of park benches for resting. But you won’t see Kathy resting…

Kathy says, “There is no pressure to perform in my group. This is each person’s workout, and each person’s recovery. I just want to impart the benefits of physical activity as a recovery tool. And have some fun in the process.”