Katie Vokes

Katie Vokes

Director of Outpatient Services, Medical Manager

Katie Vokes came to Sanford Outpatient Center with extensive experience in the Health Care field. As the head of operations for a group of medical outpatient centers, Katie focused on community outreach and practice development. Which makes her well suited for her role at Sanford. Because Katie supports the clinicians, providing high quality of care. And creates a safe and comfortable space for Sanford clients to work on their recovery.

Katie says, “One of the most exciting parts of my role at Sanford is researching and building on our established outpatient facility. And I’ll be helping to establish Sanford Outpatient Centers in other communities within Michigan.” As Medical Manager, Katie serves as liaison with the Medical Director, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses – freeing them from administrative tasks and allowing them to do their important work. Katie also played a big role in the creation of Sanford’s long-term Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program. She is always looking for new ways to implement and utilize MAT in the outpatient setting and to provide innovative programs in Sanford’s outpatient and virtual platforms.

When Katie is not working, she loves being out of doors. Especially in Northern Michigan on Lakes Huron or Michigan. And she likes to hike, boat and spend time with her husband, her daughter, and their German Shepard, Boss.

Katie says, “I have seen firsthand, through friends and loved ones, that the disease of addiction knows no boundaries. I love being a part of the Sanford team. And we’re working hard every day to improve our programs and resources to support our clients. No matter where they are on the recovery journey.”