Lance Howe, MS, CADC

Lance Howe, MS, CADC

Clinical Therapist

Lance Howe began his career in child welfare. Through that work, he encountered a lot of parents and youth, struggling with substance dependency issues. Lance also lived and worked in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, providing outpatient addiction counseling for the Bay Mills Indian Community. This is where he really began his passion for working with people struggling with substance use disorders.

Additionally, Lance moved to the Petoskey area, where he began residential work. He served as Quality Improvement Officer for an addiction treatment center. He helped in a clinical role, but primarily by improving policies and procedures. At Sanford, he is diving back into his clinical experience. And Lance’s goal is to provide fun yet informative programming, helping clients explore new emotions and thought processes. Especially when he “breaks the tempo of the week” with his Saturday groups. 

Lance has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. He also has a master’s degree in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University. In his free time, Lance enjoys biking, kayaking, camping, hiking, reading, disc golf, bowling, cooking, and playing music.

Lance Howe says, “Johann Hari said something that profoundly changed my view on substance abuse treatment. He said, ‘The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.’ It completely shaped how I think.”