Marilyn Spiller

Marilyn Spiller

Executive Director of Marketing, Editor-In-Chief

Marilyn Spiller has been a marketing professional for more than twenty years. She has helped organizations promote their products and services, from automated litigation support systems to contemporary art. For the past five years, she has directed her talents toward the addiction treatment field. Most recently as Marketing Director and Editor-in-Chief of Excursions Magazine for Sanford House.

Marilyn is a student of the world. (She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing). She is a writer, public speaker, recovery coach and recovery advocate. Five years sober herself, she writes an award-winning blog called Waking Up the Ghost.

In her free time, Marilyn loves to be out of doors near water … she is an avid hiker.

“The role of marketing in the Behavioral Health field is really about building relationships. I try to bring together talented individuals and organizations with skills to augment our own. And in so doing, we provide an even better service to our clients…”