Rae Allyson Green, JD, LPC, CAADC

Rae Allyson Green, JD, LPC, CAADC

Founder & President

After extensive experience working in residential treatment centers, Rae Green sought a new treatment approach for substance use disorders (SUD). Rae founded Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers, in collaboration with her husband David, to serve as a beacon for recovery. And to inspire those with SUDs, to achieve richer and more fulfilling lives in long-term recovery.
Rae studied history at Alma College. And afterwards she attended the Detroit College of Law for her Juris Doctor degree. But her passion was always helping those with the disease of addiction. She managed several nonprofit organizations prior to receiving her master’s degree. Rae worked in a sub-acute detox unit at the start of her career. And she also spent five years at a residential treatment center. There, she was instrumental in collaborating with the clinical team to implement successful treatment models. She has since been certified as an Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC).
Rae has dedicated her working career to chipping away at the shame of addiction. Her goal is to provide education and a comfortable setting in which to heal and rediscover a sense of worthiness. She lives happily with her family in Heritage Hill, just blocks from work. Rae’s interests include interior design and exploring Grand Rapids’ many cultural and culinary treasures. But, she is most passionate about creating special times for her family and friends…

Rae says, “Life stories inspire me. And I am propelled to continually strive for a standard of excellence within the treatment world. I am privileged to commit myself and my resources to this specialty.”


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