Rae Rabideau, MS

Rae Rabideau, MS

Director of Operations

Rae Rabideau received a master’s degree in psychology from DePaul University, with a concentration in Human Development. While in graduate school, Rae conducted coping skills group sessions for individuals living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. And after living in Chicago for seven years, Rae returned to her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to be closer to family. As Director of Operations, Rae oversees and coordinates therapists, medical staff, kitchen staff and overall scope of activity for the residential houses. She also works as a liaison with the Sanford Outpatient Center to transition clients to/from different levels of care.

Rae’s clinical therapist background brings valuable understanding of biopsychosocial assessments and each client’s individualized treatment. And because she has led group therapy sessions, Rae has particular empathy for our clients. Also, how Sanford operations can enhance the client experience, and provide lasting coping and relapse prevention skills.

In her free time, Rae likes to be with her family. Her most treasured hobby however, is fishing. Rae is a lover of animals and a proud mom to a son and two rescue dogs.

Rae says, “Nothing is as rewarding as helping people heal. The disease of addiction ruins lives; every day I get the privilege of watching people take their lives back. I have abundant hope for the men and women who choose treatment at Sanford.”