Roderic Townes

Roderic Townes

House Manager - Sanford House at John Street

Roderic (Rod) Townes loves his job as the House Manager, Sanford House at John Street for Men. He enjoys interacting with clients, making sure the house is in order, and keeping his clients safe. This is probably because Rod started with Sanford as a part-time support staffer. At that time, he rolled up his sleeves and completed every task. He cleaned, transported clients to off-site support meetings, lent a hand and a sympathetic ear.

Six months later, Rod had the job as House Manager! As a person in long term recovery, Rod finds it gratifying to share his experience, strength and hope with the men in his charge. Rod says he’s allowed to be “himself” as House Manager at John Street. And it never feels like a job or that he’s wearing a mask (even though these days he is). In his free time, the self-styled “square” watches movies at home. He also goes to recovery meetings and gets together with friends to hit the local parks.

Rod says, “I have the best of both worlds at Sanford. I give hope and help, just as I received hope and help.. What a reward …”