Shelby J. Wirth

Shelby J. Wirth

Director of Residential Services and Hospitality

Shelby Wirth works closely with Sanford clients and House Managers day to day. As Director of Residential Services, she enjoys seeing Sanford clients make positive changes in their lives. Shelby ensures that client care is Sanford’s number one priority, by providing key support to the residential treatment center staff, coordinating the flow of information. She is an active member of the recovery community herself, and she’s also passionate about helping others in recovery. Shelby says, “There is a saying in recovery, ‘The only way to keep what we have is by giving it away.’ And giving back is the best way I can show gratitude for my recovery.”

The clients at Sanford help me just as much as I help them …

Shelby worked in three different treatment centers before coming to Sanford, including adolescent boys’ residential treatment. And she was a Residential Supervisor and House Manager before being promoted. She is also currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In her free time, Shelby likes going to recovery meetings, spending time with her family and her cats, reading, and being outdoors.

Shelby says, “Having a safe space to heal and grow was significant for me in early recovery. I am honored to help provide this same opportunity for the women at Sanford House.”